Facilitate Development and Accelerate Progress | Zhangjiang Town Leaders Visit Mabwell Bioscience to Research and Guide Work

Release timeMar 08, 2022

On March 8, 2022, Guan Li, Deputy mayor of Zhangjiang town, Pudong new area, and her team made an inspection to Mabwell Bioscience. Dr. Liu Datao, co-founder and CEO of Mabwell, reported the company's innovation and development advantages, research and development progress of key projects and actual needs in development.


During the discussion, Dr. Liu Datao introduced in detail to Deputy mayor Guan Li about the ability of Mabwell source innovation and independent innovation and the layout of the whole industrial chain, including the advantages and characteristics of key innovation projects and strategic objectives in recent years. It is hoped that through continuous innovation, Mabwell can become a leader in the biomedical industry in Zhangjiang and even Shanghai in the future. After hearing the report, Deputy mayor Guan Li expressed her full recognition of the rapid development of Mabwell in recent years, and discussed how to support the local innovative enterprises in all directions and multi dimensions in Zhangjiang Town Government, the Zhangjiang Management Committee and Zhangjiang Group. Deputy mayor Guan Li said that with the opening of the national Two Sessions, the State encourages drug innovation, "Pharmaceutical Innovation" and "Transformation of Innovative Achievements" have become hot topics during the Two Sessions. Shanghai Biomedical Technology Industry Base is committed to building a world-class biomedical industry cluster, focusing on the agglomeration and development of innovative enterprises in the field of biotechnology and modern pharmaceutical industry. Many excellent innovative pharmaceutical enterprises such as Mabwell have been emerged. Deputy mayor Guan Li also pointed out that talents are the foundation of enterprises and the source of innovation. The government hopes to actively help enterprises introduce more high-quality talents and young innovative talents at home and abroad and accelerate the development of innovative technologies through the promulgation of talent policies.


Chen Xi, Vice president of Mabwell, accompanied guests to visit the antibody drug innovation and R&D center. The person in charge of Innovation and Discovery Department introduced the advantages of Mabwell innovation and R&D and advanced R&D platform facilities to Guan Li, Deputy mayor of the town. At present, a large number of innovative molecules in the R&D pipeline of Mabwell and a number of key projects at different clinical stages are developed based on these efficient drug molecule discovery and innovation platforms. Recently, the company's first variety was approved for marketing, another two varieties submitted drug marketing applications, and three varieties were in the stage of key registration and clinical research. In the future, we will bring more high-quality and accessible biological drugs to the market by virtue of our innovation ability and the advantages of the whole industrial chain, so as to meet the clinical needs of more patients.

The Town Economic Development Office, Zhangjiang Institute of Market Supervision, Town Enterprise Service Center and Town Chamber of Commerce jointly participated in the inspection.