Through New Chapter | Industry Big Names Discuss the Rheumatism Immunity Disease Webinar

Release time:Feb 14, 2022

Focusing on the therapeutic trends, diagnosis and therapies in the field of rheumatic immunity, and how to help doctors in the field of rheumatic immunity better choose biological drugs, Mabwell Bioscience held a wonderful academic webinar in December 2021. At the invitation of Li Han, vice president and Cong Xue, sales director of Mabwell, domestic big names in the field of rheumatism immunity gathered online, including Professor Zeng Xiaofeng of Peking Union Medical College Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Liu Yi of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Professor Sun Lingyun of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, Professor Huang Cibo of South China Hospital of Shenzhen University, Professor Zhao Dongbao of Changhai Hospital of Shanghai, Professor Dai lie of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Professor Wu Lijun of Xinjiang Uiger Municipal People's Hospital, Professor Li Caifeng of Beijing Children's Hospital of Capital Medical University, Professor Feng Xuebing of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital, etc.

Professor Zeng Xiaofeng, as the special chairman of the conference, proposed in his speech that the 21st century is the era of biological formulation. Biological formulation are booming like mushrooms. Doctors need to continue systematic learning and communication to better guide patients and multi department medication. And feed back the real market situation of rheumatic immune patients to biomedical enterprises, provide strategic basis for drug research and development, and provide patients with better curative effect and more accessible treatment schemes.

The experts contributed wonderful keynote speeches, including many exciting topics, such as EULAR Guide 2021, Brief On the Present and Future of Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatism, Annual Diagnosis and Treatment Progress of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, and actively asked questions, spoke and discussed on the online platform, presenting a wonderful academic exchange conference.