Facilitate Development and Accelerate ProgressSHEITC Visit Mabwell to Research and Guide Work

Release timeFeb 11, 2022

On January 27, 2022, Li Yuhong, director of the Division of Technological Improvement of the Shanghai Economy and Information Technology Commission (SHEITC), and his team made an inspection to Mabwell, accompanied by Dr. Liu Datao, co-founder and CEO of Mabwell, they visited the antibody drug innovation and R&D center and had an in-depth understanding of the advantages of Mabwell's innovation and development and the R&D progress of key projects. 


During the discussion, Dr. Liu Datao introduced in detail to Director Li Yuhong the establishment and development process of Mabwell, the ability of original innovation and independent innovation, and the progress of the layout of the whole industrial chain, including the leading advantages of key projects, innovation strategies and achievement prospects in recent years. In the past few years, Mabwell has continued to innovate and steadily promoted the clinical research of various projects. Three varieties of product have submitted new drug applications, and another three varieties of product are in the pivotal clinical trials. In addition, the construction of a large-scale commercial production base in Jinshan, Shanghai is progressing smoothly, and the first phase of the project is planned to be completed in 2022. Director Li Yuhong listened to the introduction of Dr. Liu Datao and fully affirmed the innovative R&D ability and practical project construction of Mabwell. 


During the visit to the innovation R&D center, Dr. Liu Datao introduced the advantages of Mabwell innovation R&D and advanced R&D platform facilities to Director Li Yuhong and his delegation. He said that robust R&D strength is the fundamental guarantee for the rapid development, exploration and innovation of Mabwell. A large number of innovative molecules in Mabwell R&D pipeline and several key projects at different clinical stages are developed based on these efficient drug molecule discovery and innovation platforms. Recently, Mabwell has successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market. In the future, it will invest more efforts in R&D to provide more patients with high-quality and accessible biological innovative drugs.


Shi Bingchen of the Division of Technological Improvement of SHEITC, Ni Hua and Chen Xi, Vice Presidents of Mabwell, participated in the research.